RIP Baby Bruce

We're very sad to have to tell you that Bruce has passed away. He was never suppose to live past his birthing, sadly arriving early and as an Alpaca/Llama cross. Miraculously, Bruce was able to live out his 4 month old life, happy and full of love. He had plenty of people rooting for him and providing him with the tender loving care to live a comfortable, joyful life. Unfortunately, it was finally his time to walk over and he left this place having touched many hearts. Bruce served a purpose until he left and we're forever grateful for his time here. His mother is still grieving and we're making sure she's as comfortable as possible during such a hard time. Check up on Mama Llama and Bruce's brother, Macchiato HERE.

New Arrivals!

Meet "Rain" and "Our Fever" who were rescued from a kill pen in Louisiana. They arrived on the farm a month ago and have been in rehabilitation since getting settled as they were in extremely rough shape. Please read more on their story and how you can help them, HERE!

Stay in the Loop!

Things are constantly changing on the farm, sometimes exciting, sometimes challenges arise which is all expected with animal rescues. We try and keep everyone in the loop and updated on everything going on here…so please follow our stories and news about the animals! Updates HERE!

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We work hard to make sure that we take care of all of the horses here at Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue. Volunteers are the heart and soul of this organization and without their continued and valued support, we're not sure how this rescue would even function.


Many of the horses that arrive at Pure Thoughts are rehabilitation cases and need to stay for long periods of time until they recuperate or recover from their surgery or ailment. These medical bills escalate and we are only able to continue meeting the rescue needs by the contributions of generous donors and volunteers.

Everyday at the farm consists of caring and meeting the needs of the horses. Read more to learn about individual stories about the horses and the day to day activities that make the rescue so special.