Nurse Mare FoalS

How can you help?

With the proper care, they will grow up strong and healthy. The babies are given a mare’s milk replacer every 4-6 hours, and provided with alfalfa hay and soft bedding…and lots of love!

Donations are needed to purchase the newborn foals and transport them from Kentucky to North Carolina, where they are given time to grow and stabilize…then they make the trip to our rescue in Florida. If you would like to donate online, please visit our website: If you would like to mail a check or money order or stop by our rescue facility, our address is listed below. Please designate your donation: “NURSEMARE FOALS” and 100% of your donation is used for the babies…your donation makes a huge difference!

What is a Nurse Mare Foal?

They are babies born from a mare that was bred for the sole purpose of providing milk to another, more expensive foal, usually a Thoroughbred or sport horse. The nurse mare’s foal is no longer needed after they are born; they’re left orphaned and ultimately die.

These foals are very young when they are intentionally separated from their mothers, sometimes only days old. They are desperately in need of round-the-clock care that their mother would normally provide: warm milk, companionship, high quality nutrition, and most important… a gentle touch, full of love.

Caring for the newborn foals is expensive and time consuming…and your donations are greatly appreciated. We are also in need of volunteers so if you would like to help with the care of the babies or our other rescue horses, please call the number below or email us at: