​Many of our horses are available for adoption and are looking for their forever homes.

Please consider adopting a rescue animal or just spreading the word helps too!

If you unable to adopt, there are many ways you can still help the horses whether it be volunteering, donating, fostering, or sponsoring one of the many horses that are here.

Above is "Willow," a nurse mare foal rescued in 2013 and shortly adopted after arrival to the farm.

Above is "Hasty Red" who arrived in January 2013 after being rescued from a feedlot in Ohio. "Red" carries a sad and gruesome story full of abuse and mistrust, but we are happy to say he has been living a peaceful and loving life since he stepped foot on the farm years ago.

If you're looking for a horse, please consider rescuing before anything else. A common, yet immensely untrue belief is that rescued horses are old, injured and not useful. No matter the circumstance, a lot of the horses that arrive are sound and healthy if not immediately…then shortly after with adequate rehabilitation time. Not only does a rescued animal need a home, but because of the horse's sensitive nature, their will and heart after being saved can be compared to eternal gratitude.

There are plenty of unwanted animals in the world, so please consider saving a life and making a difference.

Horses Available for Adoption

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding any of the horses here, feel free to contact us at 561-951-2108


    Luke is a peppy 2 and a half year old gelding who we expect to mature into a very athletic individual! Luke was rescued as a weanling in Florida when he was found standing next to his mother’s body, who died shortly before he was rescued. We are unsure of Luke’s breeding but guess he is a Thoroughbred-quarter horse cross. He has three very athletic gaits and would make a great sport horse prospect for any discipline. Luke is very playful in turnout and sweet on the ground- he has worn tack and been lunged and will be broke to ride shortly. Luke should mature around 15-16 hands. $1250 

If you want a flashy, athletic pony, Kodachrome is your gal. This petite 5-year-old mare of unrecorded breeding was rescued from starvation and has been started under saddle at the rescue. She has a feisty personality so is best suited for a confident rider who wants to compete as badly as she does. She is all business, an amazing athlete and loaded with chrome and flash. $1000

    Looking for that unicorn trail horse with the mind to keep you safe and the looks to get you noticed? Look no further than Espuma! Espuma is a 15.2 hand, 18-year-old Argentine polo pony. She was a great polo pony on the field for many years and is now looking to step down to a more leisurely trail horse life. Espuma is safe and fun on the trails without being a total dead head—if you tell her to go, she’ll go! We think she would be great for any lightly experienced trail rider, or a beginner under supervision. Espuma does have old bowed tendons that don’t cause her any problems or affect her soundness. $2,000



Need a polo pony who wants to win as badly as you do? Arizona is your gal! A 5-year-old, 14.2 hand mare of unrecorded breeding, Arizona was rescued from a nurse mare operation as a foal. She is playing confidently in polo practices where she’s proven she can take a bump, and she’s competitive on both offense and defense. Due to her competitive nature she can be hot to handle on the ground, but in the tack there’s no other pony you want to be playing! $5,000 


    You’re going to do a double take at this beautiful pony—Twila turns everyone’s head at the rescue with her classic dished face, super correct conformation and flashy chrome markings. This 3-year-old, 14 hand pony of unrecorded breeding was rescued from a nurse mare operation. She injured her neck in a pasture accident but is fully healed and ready to get to work. She has excellent ground manners and has been lightly started under tack—with her calm mind she should be a breeze to start under saddle, and with her flashy looks we think she would be a knock out in the hunter ring. $1,000     

Trist N' Roses

    Tristin gets the most kissable face in the barn award, because how can you look at that nose and not want to give it a smooch? This 6-year-old Throughbred gelding is green broke to walk, trot and canter and is on the quieter, lazier side. His owners wanted to put him down when he was born with slightly crooked legs, so the rescue took him on. He’s perfectly sound and his legs have never caused him a problem! This goofy guy just wants a person of his own to love. $1000 



    Who doesn’t love a good roan? Sebastian is a lovely chestnut roan with lots of chrome, sure to get you noticed wherever you take him. This 4-year-old gelding of unrecorded breeding was rescued from a nurse mare operation—Pure Thoughts gelded him and has started him under saddle. With 20 rides under his belt Sebastian can walk, trot, canter and neck rein—finish him your way! $1750    


    River is a sweet, dainty 6-year-old pony mare who was rescued from near-starvation in Florida. She is a Paso-Fino cross, and while not gaited she does have a very smooth and comfortable walk, trot and canter characteristic to the breed. She has gone walk, trot and canter under saddle but needs a confident, smaller rider to polish her up into the gem we know she can be! $1250



    Do you want Espuma minus the go button? We can hook you up with Luna! Luna is Espuma’s even quieter twin—this all white, 15 hand, 20-year-old registered quarter horse mare is the dependable family trail horse every stable needs. $750        



Looking for a sport horse for the future? Indy is your guy—an unregistered, 3-year-old 15.3 hand Thoroughbred gelding, Indy is by the famous Thoroughbred stallion AP Indy, a stud known for producing extremely athletic sport horses for jumping and eventing. Indy was a local starvation case brought to the rescue as a foal with his mother, Mine Sweep (who is also available for adoption). He has been started under saddle with a handful of rides and is very quiet and agreeable. Super exciting prospect for the future. $5,000


Mine Sweep

    Want to press fast forward on Indy and start riding seriously now? Try his dam, Mine Sweep! Mine Sweep is a 16 hand, 18-year-old registered thoroughbred mare who raced 15 times as a young horse. She’s athletically built and earned over $50,000 dollars on the race track. Though currently out of work due to a lack of riders at the rescue, Mine Sweep goes walk trot canter under saddle and is very comfortable. $1250    



    Namblina has some of the most unique markings we’ve ever seen on a gray horse! If you want to stand out in the crowd she’s your gal. This 15 hand 18-year-old appendix is a retired polo pony who was rescued from starvation. She’d make a great trail horse and is suitable for novice/beginner riders. $1000