​Many of our horses are available for adoption and are looking for their forever homes.

Please consider adopting a rescue animal or just spreading the word helps too!

If you unable to adopt, there are many ways you can still help the horses whether it be volunteering, donating, fostering, or sponsoring one of the many horses that are here.

Above is "Willow," a nurse mare foal rescued in 2013 and shortly adopted after arrival to the farm.

Above is "Hasty Red" who arrived in January 2013 after being rescued from a feedlot in Ohio. "Red" carries a sad and gruesome story full of abuse and mistrust, but we are happy to say he has been living a peaceful and loving life since he stepped foot on the farm years ago.

If you're looking for a horse, please consider rescuing before anything else. A common, yet immensely untrue belief is that rescued horses are old, injured and not useful. No matter the circumstance, a lot of the horses that arrive are sound and healthy if not immediately…then shortly after with adequate rehabilitation time. Not only does a rescued animal need a home, but because of the horse's sensitive nature, their will and heart after being saved can be compared to eternal gratitude.

There are plenty of unwanted animals in the world, so please consider saving a life and making a difference.

Horses Available for Adoption

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding any of the horses here, feel free to contact us at 561-951-2108


Rodeo is a 7 year old large pony. He has a great personality and is so much fun to ride. He is a sturdy young man with a good head on his shoulders, and he's ready to work. He rides under English or Western tack.

Run Gima Run

Gima” arrived here from Ohio where she was kept in a large pasture for approximately one year. This time off gave her body rest and cleared her mind for her future. She is a 12 year old thoroughbred mare, with an athletic build and strong drive. She enjoys the Western tack and going on trails. She has not had any formal Western Gaming or Western Pleasure training, however her stocky build and strong hind end would make her a wonderful prospect for either or, even a working cow pony. However, she also has potential in other English disciplines. This mare is very athletic and ready to work! An intermediate rider is recommended.

Koda Chrome

Kodachrome is a 4 year old, large pony with a very refined physique. Kodachrome had a rough start in life, she was found as a yearling in a junkyard and starving. It has been hard for Kodachrome to regain trust but she is learning, and can be an amazing horse for the right person. She is all business, an amazing athlete and loaded with chrome and flash

Finally Unbridled

Being the Granddaughter of the famous Unbridled is not this girl's only claim to fame, she has her own bag of talents that far exceed just the racetrack. Finally Unbridled is an 9 year old thoroughbred mare standing approximately 15.3 hands. This mare is athletic, confident and intelligent. She was receiving some hunter jumper training for a few months, but in the past year this girl has been stacking her resume with a few different disciplines. Having been taken over some cross rails ranging from 2’-3’ which she jumps with complete ease and solid form. We have never pushed her over anything higher or more difficult, but with guidance this horse would jump to the moon and back. She would make a really talented jumper prospect. This mare requires a light hand and confident rider, as she has a lot to give and is major powerhouse. She has primarily been ridden by youth riders and seems to enjoy the spirit they carry. Her athleticism and intelligent nature will make her successful in anything her future may hold. We recommend an intermediate rider.


Arizona is a nurse mare foal from the 2013 rescue mission, a 2 1/2 year old quarter horse standing approximately 14.2 hands. She is a very strong filly with a bold personality. She has been in a natural horsemanship program for the past few months and recently has been under saddle twice