Please considering donating to our organization in order to continue our rescue mission. We take in neglected, abuse and abandoned cases, as well as off the track thoroughbreds, nurse mare foals, wild mustangs, burros and some non-equine animals. Our motto usually stands, that if it has four legs and needs a home, we do our best to save them.

Some of the horses are easier keepers than others and some require extensive medical treatment. We try and rehabilitate as many as we can, but in certain circumstances some require that they live out their days on our farm as sanctuary animals. All of these costs accumulate and we appreciate any sort of contribution whether it be monetary or feed, hay or medical supplies.

We function solely on a volunteer basis, so if you want to come spend time with some loving horses and give back a little we promise the experience will be beyond rewarding. Please call 561-951-2108 if you're interested.

If you would like to donate to "Rain" & "Our Fever" and contribute to their medical, feed and hay costs or would like to sponsor either of these horses please do so here. 

If you would like to donate to "Bruce's Memory Barn" we would be much appreciated, otherwise spreading the word goes a long way too! Thank you so much for any sort of contribution you are able to make.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our organization and to learn more about equine welfare. If you're able please spread the word on our efforts, we greatly appreciate it!

Hay Fund

Our weekly hay distribution is one of our costliest expenses here on the farm. Especially, with our location in South Florida we are very limited to nutrient rich grasses so we need to rely solely on quality hay. Currently, we home 40 horses, 6 ponies, 3 donkeys and 2 cows, add them all up and that's a lot of hay!

This is Minka, she was part of our 2013 nurse mare foal rescue mission. Her grave fate at birth, quickly turned into a bright and happy future. She was adopted just a few days after arrival.