A Little About The Rescue

Pure Thoughts Inc. is an all volunteer 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of horses, yearlings and foals that were bound for slaughter, victims of starvation, neglect, abandonment and abuse. To date, Pure Thoughts Inc has helped over 1600 horses.

Horses, yearlings and foals bound for slaughter would have been brutally tortured and slaughtered so that they could be served as a delicacy in foreign countries. Horse Welfare is the primary concern at Pure Thoughts. Our mission is based on the realization that we, as a nation, have domesticated these horses and must take responsibility for their lives. Horses give to us their heart and soul, whether for work, sport, entertainment or recreation, the horse only knows to give. To use a horse only as long as it fulfills our needs, then subject it to physical and/or mental abuse and subsequent death, whether on the slaughterhouse floor, abandoned in a field no longer being cared for, or even in a stall no longer being provided its’ physical needs is a violation of that horse’s right; Rights that only we can supply the horse, after all we have domesticated them.