Our Stories

"Minka" was a nursemare foal from our 2013 rescue mission, and was adopted shortly after her arrival. She will be coming up on 3 years next April, her owner intends for her to do some cow work once she's ready as she has turned into a stocky, quick little filly.

It's never boring on the farm and it seems there's constantly something new thats going on, so we're trying to keep everyone updated!

Rain & Our Fever, saved from slaughter

We were contacted about 7 weeks ago that there was a grey 3 yr old TB in a kill pen in Louisianna. The kill buyer agreed to hold the filly for a few days to allow for a rescue group to come in and pay her fee in order to prevent her from going to slaughter. Some circumstances lead us to see this alert on social media by a fluke and we quickly paid the fee to save her. We were then notified that there was a 9 yr old TB gelding awaiting the same fate as the filly unless we took him, of course we could not leave him behind. They were removed from the kill pen and were transferred to a farm while we arranged shipping for the two horses. We finally were able to have the horses shipped her safely and comfortably.

Like many horses who have been neglected and ignored for some time, they were severely underweight and traumatized. They both have their own stories and are now just rehabilitating to get back to themselves. These two are quite special, as it seems fate has lead them here because it was only by chance we saw this cry for help.

As stated above, "Rain" and "Our Fever" came in severely underweight which will take some time and extra loving care to restore them back to their healthy selves. They both also have old leg injuries that need vet care for the time being and Rain has some other issues that will need more attention because we believe she was put in a pen of stallions, left to fend for herself. Right now, she finds the most comfort and is most relaxed in the safety net of her own stall. If you would like to come out and meet them, you're more than welcome. If you would like to sponsor one of these special beings, please feel free to email, call us or you can donate to their cause HERE. They have a long road of recovery ahead of them, but we are confident they will have the brightest of futures and are so grateful they are with us, and finally safe.

"Our Fever" is a 2006 un-raced TB bred in California. As of now that is our only information on him. How he ended up in a kill pen in Louisiana, we're unsure of. We're still getting to know him, but so far he is a very kind and gentle guy with soulful eyes."

We have a little less information on "Rain," we know she is roughly a 2-3 year TB filly, never raced with no tattoo. We do however believe she has been ridden, as she came in with saddle marks and a trimmed bridle path. She has an old leg injury on her right hind, and a few other "knicks." We do believe she was abused and clearly neglected over some time.

Sadly, life after Bruce...

Bruce began acting out of the ordinary and became a little lethargic. He normally spends his day following around his human friends and getting groomed and bathed. His unusual behavior that morning began to get worse and eventually lead to a stroke. On our way to the vet's office with Bruce in our arms, he passed away. We did everything we could, but it was just his time.

Bruce made an impact on many lives here, but the most touched by his life was his mother, Mama Llama. The loss of her boy has had a strong effect on her and she has been in a state of grief ever since. We've moved them to the paddock in front of the property hoping the change in environment would help her adjust. Her initial reaction to Bruce's death rendered her immobile and shut down, so we thought it best to remove them from their existing home. Since then, we have began construction on their own barn and both llamas are now with their curious cow friends. It seems an unlikely friendship, but they've quickly become a little family. If you would like to come out and meet the llamas and hear more about their stories please feel free to call or email us, or if you would like to donate to "Bruce's Memory Barn" please click HERE.