​We always say that the hoof is the heart of the horse. The importance of good and constant hoof care cannot be emphasized enough especially in this State. This poor boy’s thrush had turned to White Line disease by the time he came to us and thankfully he will have a good outcome thanks to Dr. Boswell. This was 100% avoidable with proper never needed to get to this extent. Please consider donating to Gem's Medical Fund by clicking HERE.

yo coltrane

Coltrane met with our vet and was diagnosed with Osslets with a 40% decrease range in motion in his front fetlock, in addition to detoxing from Steroids.  Luckily, the vet ensured that with proper rehab and maintenance he will be able to be a trail horse. Fortunately, Josh and Julie had seen his story and came out and fell immediately in love. In September, when his rehab is farther along and the retraining to trail horse has become steady, he will have his own family. Due to the long term expense Coltrane will need for supplements and medicine, such as Previcox, we adopted him free to a good home. We are beyond happy and grateful that Coltrane was able to findhis forever home.

Yo Coltrane will be included in our fundraiser efforts, as when we were asked to take Coltrane we were told that his expenses were going to be covered. We know that it is rare that people will cover expenses once they arrive at a rescue and were prepared for that, we were not prepared to pay for his ransom and shipping. His cost was $400 and his shipping was $1000 which we were not suppose to pay but in the end we had to and were ensured reimbursement. However, we were only paid $500 so we need to recoup the difference of $900 which was taken from our hay  and medical fund in addition to his medical which has been over $600. Donate to our Medical Fund by clicking HERE.


Turk came in with a sheath completely infected with unmanaged sores, which lead to a surgical fate. Luckily, we were able to raise enough funds for
Turk to receive his surgery. He is now going into his second month of rehab. Although everything went well and he is doing wonderfully, he requires an extensive amount of medical materials and daily cleansing treatments in order to continue his recovery. Please consider donating to Turkey's medical fund by clicking HERE.

horses in our care

Many of the horses that arrive at Pure Thoughts are rehabilitation cases and need further care and attention until they can be adopted. The ailments and surgeries range from laminitis cases to severe summer sores resulting in surgery. we are able to continue meeting these needs by the contributions of generous donors, volunteers  and support